Which is best for your small business: HR Consultant or PEO?

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career successSmall businesses, just like larger ones, need assistance with their human resources issues. If your business is getting off the ground or remains under 100 employees, can you manage to pay for a staff that can manage issues like regulatory compliance, employee discipline or workplace safety? There are some options to consider when handling these types of issues.

One option is a Professional Employer Organization or PEO. A PEO is a co-employment relationship between the PEO and you, the small business owner.  Therefore, you will make joint employment decisions for the needs of the business and share the legal risks of employment together. These legal risks are through the direct payroll and benefit administration arrangement. PEOs do offer other human resources services for your staff.

It is up to the small business owner to decide if you want to share the liability with another company or have a strategic partner to assist you with your human resource needs.

Another option is an HR Consultant.  HR Consultants are in charge of assisting businesses with strategically assimilating HR processes and procedures into their daily operations. First, the HR Consultant may need to conduct an audit. Afterwards, the HR Consultant can make suggestions to coordinate the creation and implementation of an action plan. The HR Consultant works for you. You do not lose control of the business. Once the action plan is complete, then an agreement can be negotiated to maintain services and provide scenario specific advice when needed from the consultant, not from a trouble shooting website, a call center or a “chat” session.

Pat Eardley, an HR Consultant with over 20 years of experience, can not only provide you with the HR nuts and bolts, but a comprehensive action plan to determine your small business human resource needs to make sure you can leverage your most valuable assets: your employees.

Contact us now at www.shifthr.com to discuss your human resources needs for your team.

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