Stop Employee Burnout! Spotting the 5 Signs to Avoid Production Meltdowns

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employee burnoutTake a look around your workplace. Do you notice employees who appear to be stressed out, tired, or just plain unhappy on a regular basis? How about your employee absenteeism rates or the amount of turnover your company experiences – are they excessive? If so, then your company’s biggest assets could be suffering from a common problem aptly labeled as burnout.

Employee burnout happens when people become stretched too thin at work and at home. It’s something that happens more often in workplaces where there is little downtime or where there is a negative environment. This has also become more prevalent as businesses scale down their workforces to cope with the economy, leaving a smaller staff to manage the remaining workloads.

While some high-pressure assignments lend themselves to more burnout, there are ways to reduce this from happening in your business. Here are the 5 signs of employee burnout you need to pay attention to, and make a plan to correct now.

  1. 1.       Frequent tardiness and absent employees.  

If your Monday mornings are starting to look sparse, then it could be because employees don’t want to come to work.

  1. 2.       Negative attitudes and grumbling over new tasks.

The presence of ongoing negative attitudes coming from employees is a clear sign that something is wrong.

  1. 3.       High turnover and constant recruiting new people.

If you are constantly replacing certain key assignments in your business, it could mean that you need to do some shifting of responsibilities because employees are getting burnt out.

  1. Poor productivity levels or lowered quality of work.

Lack of project perfection is a signal that employees are not working up to par. If you note frequent quality issues, deadlines that are getting pushed out a lot, and lack of on the job performance, it’s time to take action.

  1. 5.       Disputes between employees and management.

Once in a while, there’s bound to be some conflicts in the workplace, but if it seems like your management team is battling this all the time, take note and make some changes fast.


You are not alone in this. ShiftHR has the support and expert advice you need to stop employee burnout fast and effectively.

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