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ShiftHR Employee Review PackageThe first quarter is the most exciting and in lots of ways most critical to set the stage for the remainder of the year. There are so many facets to starting strong. One area to focus on in the new year is your HR policies. Here is some beneficial information about making sure your policies in the new year are effective:

1. Understand why your policies are important.

HR policies will keep your company in compliance with state and federal legislation and provide your company and employee’s protection. HR policies help you document and execute the most suitable practice for your organization. They also help management make similar, foreseeable decisions, while again, providing protection to both the employee and company. It is also vital to communicate the expectations and standards for your company’s procedures to your employees, and HR policies provide a means for this communication.

2. Define and implement your policies.

Policies are written as declarations or rules. Your workplace is one of a kind; therefore, you may need to develop policies very specific to your organization and type of work. When considering what is appropriate to your work environment and organization, consider some of the following issues:

a. Does the policy accomplish and provide the outcome you want?
b. Does the policy support your company culture?
c. How will the policy be monitored and/or enforced?
d. How has the organization handled an issue in the past?
e. Does the size of the organization justify a policy?
f. How will this policy impact other policies?

3. Review your policies and communicate changes.

When reviewing your policies, it is important to consider many factors. One factor to consider is the legal environment. This includes changes to both state and federal legislation and regulatory agencies. Another factor to consider is how current policies been implemented and their effectiveness in dealing with your work environment. Additional aspects to review include whether the policy did the policy accomplished your objective and what feedback have managers and employees provided.

Lastly, you must communicate the policy changes to everyone. Make sure an employee signs an acknowledgement of receipt of any policies and their changes.

Shift HR can help you with all of the above steps in your policy and procedure needs. Call us today, we’d love to help you start 2016 strong.

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