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Our HR Outsourcing services help small businesses achieve more success.

The Nuts and Bolts of HR Outsourcing Services

Your business needs “just the basics” of human resource policy documentation and management support. At ShiftHR, we’ve got you covered!

Our HR outsourcing services are designed to help you meet expectations while improving relationships with your employees. Our exclusive Nuts and Bolts solution includes:

Employee Manuals – Get a complete company employee manual that provides all the required policies and procedures for your employees and new hires. Based on your unique state and industry, this will be your go-to source for employment information 24/7. Don’t get caught in a lawsuit that you cannot back up with written proof of your company policies.

Policy Design – Need help drafting legal employment policies? Our 20+ years of experience in the HR outsourcing industry will help you complete them. Your right human resources management and policy will be drafted correctly to meet state and federal guidelines.

Operating Procedures – Need employee procedures that improve the safety and efficiency of your workplace, while maintaining employment laws? Gain the support of a seasoned HR outsourcing company who possess the knowledge and expertise writing policies for many industries.

State and Federal Compliance Postings – Employment laws change all the time, it seems. Make sure your company has the most up-to-date required posters and information for state and federal employment compliance.

Recruiting Services – Got a hard to fill assignment or a big project that needs staff and you need prompt support? ShiftHR has a wide network and can help you with recruiting services on a short-term basis.

Job Descriptions – Avoid the hassle and legalese of writing job descriptions and leave that to ShiftHR! Our HR outsourcing services provide the most current industry standards in job descriptions and advertisements.

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