How to Manage Employee Conflict to Build Better Teams

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team conflictDo you have a hard time getting your employees to get along well enough to work in teams? This is a frequent problem in many workplaces. There are a couple of good reasons for this. First, the economy has created a “dog eat dog” scenario that has employees fearing for their job security, making people more competitive. Second, we are now dealing with a multi-generational workforce that often has very different attitudes and work styles.

Yet, there are some things you can do to quell the conflicts that arise in your workplace, to build stronger teams and encourage collaboration. Here are some tips.

Keep the communication open.  

You can do a lot to stop conflict in the workplace simply with an open door policy. Encourage employees to attend regular staff meetings where they are free to speak up, ask questions, and voice concerns. Allow all employees to share ideas and get feedback from their peers.

Encourage innovation and creativity.

Your work environment may need an overhaul to become a more pleasant and inspiring place to process ideas and projects. Open up workspaces, provide ample room for meetings and project work, and give employees the freedom to work wherever they feel the most inspired within your building.

Honor employee diversity.

When people know they are valued as individuals, they tend to get a long much better. Develop your recruitment policy to include plenty of diversity awareness and onboarding. Pair different types of employees together on projects to learn tolerance.

Make respect a core value.

All employees should be respected by you and by peers. Do not allow any employees to single out, bully, or disrespect any member of your team. Emphasize that everyone has something valuable to bring to the table in your business.

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