Employee Recognition: It’s the Little Things That Add Up

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EmployeeRecognitionCompanies with a solid strategy to recognize members of their team enjoy stronger engagement, increased productivity, a devoted spirit of customer service, and lower turnover rates. Companies who have implemented employee recognition programs normally have higher levels of productivity from their workers.

Employee recognition is defined as the acknowledgement of an individual or team’s behavior, effort and accomplishment that support the organization’s goals and values.  Recognition is not a one-size fits all. Thought needs to go into what would be appreciated by the person being recognized.

But what makes an employee recognition strategy work? It’s more than just a gold watch for a number of years’ service. Employee recognition is a skill. Instead of focusing on who to reward and recognize, a company must learn how to identify what to reward and recognize. Rewards should be based on behaviors and actions.  Behaviors lead to results and results are what matters.

And the rewards don’t have to expensive.  As Pat mentioned, it’s the little things that matter most to your employees.  Find out what your employees like.  It’s always good to recognize your employees by doing something that makes them feel valued and respected. Make reward and recognition a habit and a part of the company culture.

This year, Employee Appreciation Day is March 4th. For assistance with your creating or enhancing your employee recognition program, contact Shift HR at 843-410-2535.

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