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corporate cultureIs your workplace accurately representing your unique corporate culture? If not, then you may be short changing your company on many levels. The very reason you went into business was to make a difference. However, over time, this may have morphed into a workplace where your values are not being communicated often enough, or at least not clearly.

Corporate culture is about the values you hold dear and a commitment to your people and processes. This is what sets you apart from the competition. How effective you are at creating this corporate culture comes down to a few basic fundamentals. In this first article in a series of three, we will be looking at corporate culture and how to create a positive one.

Let’s focus first on the people aspect of your corporate culture.

People are what make, or break your business.  You know what having access to highly qualified staff can do for your business. Make sure that you carefully screen all candidates for suitability as they will have a direct effect on your overall corporate culture. If you note that a candidate does not fit well with your culture, dig deeper to understand why.

Hiring for corporate culture starts with a good fit. As you encounter candidates, it can be confusing to understand who fits in and who may struggle with your business culture. It’s difficult to predict the success or failure of this during the initial stages of hiring. Get a system in place to evaluate all new hires, such as a candidate assessment tool, to better match candidates to your culture.

What you communicate becomes the corporate culture.  How often do you convey to your staff the values and culture of your company? Take the time to review your corporate communications to discover ways you do this well, and those that need work. Make sure your corporate branding also falls into place with strategic corporate culture messaging.

Remember, the corporate culture should be positive and proactive at all times. In our next post, we’ll talk more about the relationship between corporate culture and workplace productivity.




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