Creating Workplace Culture: Part 2-Could Cultural Fit Assessments Reduce Your Bad Hires?

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cultural fit There is little doubt that bad hires cost companies thousands of dollars. In a 2012 CareerBuilder poll, companies reported $25,000 or more being lost annually because the wrong person was hired for the job. Yet, since recruiting is more like speed dating than it is a business meeting, it is hard to actually get to the meat of the problem. To avoid the poor fit for the company, it’s necessary to change your interview and recruitment style to ensure that you are carefully assessing the individual.

What It Really Takes

In order to bring someone into your organization, the fit has to be right. But, what factors should you look at in order to truly see that this is the case?

  • There must be a technical fit.
  • There has to be an experiential translation.
  • There has to be some level of culture fit present.
  • A chemistry between team members is important.
  • Expectations must be met on both parties’ behalf’s.

This shows the importance of a hiring process that considers all elements of the candidate. Your potential employee needs to fit within the organization in all of these levels and your recruitment strategy needs to make that possible.

Changing Your Strategy

In order to achieve these improvements, you need to make changes to the way you are recruiting. Consider these simple, but highly effective tips.

  • Ensure that job descriptions are very clear. There’s no benefit in attracting the wrong candidate to the application. Clear job descriptions ensure candidates know exactly what it takes to get the job.
  • Ensure interviews are conducted and that background checks are always done. This shouldn’t be something you put off, but something you focus on.
  • Make the move to screen candidates in an application phase. You can use a web-based application system to do this. It ensures the individual is a good fit for the organization’s workplace culture.
  • Use a cultural fit assessment. This type of tool helps to ensure that your potential talent is actually a good fit into the culture of your organization.

The bottom line is that a cultural fit assessment will help you to see how closely the potential employee’s skills and values match the culture of your organization. While you need to keep within the guidelines of employment laws, the more information you have on this front the better your hires will be.


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