Benefits of Conducting Criminal Background Checks for New Hires

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criminal background checkPerforming a background check on all prospective employees can protect your business from future troubles. As a business owner it’s vital to make an educated choice regarding the people that you bring on with you. This is especially true if your business involves the handling of proprietary information or if certain people utilize your business such as children or the elderly.

Here are a few of the advantages of conducting criminal background checks on your new hires.

Quality of Applicants

If you use criminal background checks consistently, you can look forward to two things. You are going to discourage people who have criminal backgrounds from applying to your business. If having a criminal background will not automatically disqualify a candidate friend employment, let them know that on the application. There are certain crimes that most businesses will not overlook such as crimes that include violence or a breach of trust.

The second thing that will happen is that candidates may be honest about their backgrounds. If there is a criminal history, they are more likely to divulge this as part of the application process. No matter what kind of history an applicant may have, you want to hire people who have no problem with being honest. This is a quality that is not always the easiest to find, even among applicants who do not have a checkered past. It is easier to give someone a chance when they begin by telling the truth. A criminal background check on every candidate helps to enforce this.

Security of your Business

You do not want to hire someone who has a history of crimes that include a breach of trust. You want to know that your company’s assets are going to be safe with your new employee. You want to know that this person is not going to share the trade secrets of your company. You also want to secure your customers by ensuring that their company accounts, personal and financial information will not be compromised and misused.

Safety of your Workplace

Another big consideration is workplace violence. If the candidate that you are considering has a history of physical violence, you will not want to bring them into your work force. While the lack of a violent history does not guarantee that there will never be an incident, it surely can be a serious consideration. Under current OSHA laws, it is your responsibility as an employer to take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of your current employees.

While conducting pre-employment background checks will not guarantee that there will never be a problem in the future, it can certainly reduce the odds of something bad happening. In addition, you can see a clear pattern of whether this candidate has an issue with following the rules. If a candidate has a problem following the laws that are put into place for all citizens, then they just might show the same disregard for the rules of your organization.

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