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working parents Mother’s day is this weekend, which got the ShiftHR team thinking about the many ways that working Moms and Dads everywhere sacrifice daily in order to maintain a career and a family. Raising kids in this day and age is not easy; it never has been. But when a parent feels conflicted between having a career and making the choice to be a good parent – something is wrong with corporate America.

For this reason, we wanted to write about ways in which your company can provide more flexibility, without cutting down on quality of work and productivity. These are just some suggestions that can help make your business a better place to work.

Provide work shift options.

For a working parent, sticking to a strict work schedule can seem impossible at times. Between getting the kids dressed, fed, and dropped off at school then traffic and parking issues, every day can be very stressful. To lessen this stress, opt for more flexible work schedules, with allowance of 10 minutes for each shift. Give all employees the option to choose from at least 2 agreeable shift start and end times.

Personal day management.

While not mandatory, a vast majority of employers make available the option to take a personal day or two throughout the year. Take yours a step further and offer one extra personal day without pay that can be called in at the last minute like a sick day when needed. You’ll find this a better way to manage your PTO program and working parents will thank you for this.

Option to work remotely.

In some businesses, there are tasks that can easily be accomplished via mobile device or even from a home office. Take the time to evaluate these tasks and give employees the opportunity to choose a day each week when they can take care of things from a remote location. This can help working parents to carve out a couple extra hours a week for family time too.

Family-friendly corporate events.

Making the workplace more family-friendly is another way to help your working parents blend their careers with family requirements. From the types of onsite events you schedule to the annual company gathering, make sure that there are activities that the entire family can enjoy. This encourages parents to share their careers with their family and sets an example for the next generation.

Subsidized child care.

While it’s certainly a big step, there are a couple of ways a business can lessen the impact of child care on working parents. One is to contract with a local day care center to provide discounted rates for employees. The other is to have a day care provider service on the company property for drop in support. This can help working parents and grandparents who may find themselves without childcare, while improving attendance at the same time.



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