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Pat Eardley Founder ShiftHR and Human Resources Provider

Pat Eardley Founder ShiftHR and Human Resources Advisor

Pat Eardley, Founder of ShiftHR; is a speaker and thought leader in the field of Human Resources and Recruitment, with over 20 years of experience as a recruiter, trainer, and executive. Her diverse background of industry experience in retail, telecommunications, hospitality and manufacturing, enables Pat to deliver messages to a broad range of audiences. As an active member of the Society for Human Resources Management, SCORE, Charleston Center for Women; Pat frequently facilitates career and business workshops. Pat has written for The Post and Courier Moxie and Moultrie News on the topic of human resources and careers.

Topics that Pat Eardley is an expert speaker for include:

  • Organizational and Personal Leadership
  • Human Resources and Recruitment
  • Small Business Development
  • Women Entrepreneurialism

To contact Pat Eardley for an upcoming speaking engagement, simply send a message directly to her via the convenient contact form.


Learn what it means to be an effective leader in today’s challenging business market. Discover what keeps you motivated and what energizes you as a leader. Pat Eardley teaches leaders from all walks of life from profit and non-profit organizations how to be better at leading others towards positive objectives.


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In the business world, the ability to engage and inspire employees leads to greater levels of productivity and profitability. Pat Eardley teaches you how to value, appreciate, motivate and incentivize your employees with a clear strategy. Experience a workforce that is fully engaged and discover a true return in investment in your most important human asset.

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Being a leader is a constant struggle between finding that balance of a business and moral compass. Let Pat Eardley show you how to stop compromising your values while growing in your leadership. Honor your faith, morals, and deep values to embrace true success. Reduce the guilt of being profitable and move forward with purpose.

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